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These are the breakfasts and lunches which are organized in natural and also beatiful cappadocian valleys. Breakfasts are often served in the hot air balloon landing area after balloon flight.

Lunches may be a rich barbecue or a specially prepared set menu. You may choose to have your meal served in a "European" (restaurant seating) or "Oriental" style (seating on carpets and kilims). Who will say "no" to the idea of having barbecue just after the last hit to the golf ball?

Romantic dinners are specially organized for the couples who like to have an unforgettable evening.

Gala dinners are the most private activities happens in the places in Cappadocia. We combine quality and experience with our concern in fine details. Special menu is prepared by our award winning chef and served by our the prefossional team in Cappadocia. It's quite possible to make an unforgettable evening with the live music, dances, dervish ceremony, cocktails and more...