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Lil’a is the à la carte restaurant of Museum Hotel, the only Relais & Châteaux hotel in Turkey, bringing the best recipes of Turkish cuisine, along with those special, almost forgotten traditional tastes of Anatolia and Cappadocia, and served with impeccable service to its guests. Situated in the most beautiful and scenic location of Cappadocia, and with its menus enriched by the creative suggestions of Murat Bozok, one of the most famous chefs in Turkey, Lil’a offers the most distinct interpretations of Anatolian cuisine and Cappadocia food culture with the assurance of the world-renowned Relais & Châteaux service quality.

Home to an array of ancient cultures and civilizations, Cappadocia has one of the richest food cultures of Anatolia. Later, the Turks, Greeks, and Armenians, who lived here until the early 20th century, each laid a piece of the foundation for this richness. Besides their interaction in architecture and lifestyle, these diverse cultures also influenced each other in their eating habits and tastes, thus creating a unique food culture. As the only concept hotel located in one of the most special places of the world—Cappadocia—the exclusive Museum Hotel not only offers this distinct food culture but further enhances it with the unique touches of chef Murat Bozok, giving its guests an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

About Murat Bozok:
Bozok has worked in many Michelin-starred restaurants in the USA and Europe, with the added privilege of working with celebrity chefs such as Joel Robichon and Gordon Ramsay. Returning to Turkey in 2009, he opened his fine-dining restaurant, “Mimolett” in Istanbul, winning numerous awards. Bozok has a regular gastronomy column in the national Milliyet newspaper. In 2014 he realized his dream of setting up a culinary arts school, now one of the most important pillars of the catering sector, and also launched his “Murat Bozok's Kitchen.” Since July 2015, Murat Bozok has been the culinary consultant for Museum Hotel, the only Relais & Châteaux hotel in Turkey.

Our Kitchen’s Social Responsibility:
Most of the ingredients used at Museum Hotel kitchen are supplied by local farmers, which enables the support of regional production of totally natural and local products. Artificial, mass-produced supermarket products are not used in Museum Hotel’s kitchens. The hotel also grows many of its own agricultural products on 500-acre farmland using “good farming” methods.